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We recently signed a new partnership with the Marrakech leading specialist for Riads and Luxury Villas: Stay-Morocco.com.

We are delighted to work with such a prestigious villa collection company, as their management has the same philosophy about the quality of service: they deliver excellence at work and exclusivity, like us.

Each riad/villa comes with its dedicated staff (chef, housekeeper, concierge etc) and a heated swimming pool. The flight booking and private transfers from/to airport can be arranged in advance.

We organized with their help a superb wedding in an exclusive villa called the Villa President in Marrakech in the summer and they are very helpful and well-connected in this city.

We love: the impressive portfolio of wonderful riads and villas in Marrakech, the friendly and professional staff.

Top tip: book any stay or wedding in a Riad or a Luxury Villa from Stay-Morocco Upscale Collection and get a complimentary VIP privilege

Location: Marrakech

On last November, we had a wonderful Paris VIP cruise, thanks to our very nice partner River Limousine.

Departing on a sunny day next to the Alma Bridge on our private luxurious Venetian water yacht, we cruised down the most beautiful waterway in the world, Paris’ river Seine.
This luxurious “limousine” was custom-built for the Seine in Venice in 2007.

Comfortably seated in its leather-covered banquette in the private salon, sipping our glass of Champagne, with the open roof, we were at last the Kings of the Paris!

During 1 hour and 30 minutes, we enjoyed Paris from the Seine river, with music, sun and a lot pleasure. The 2 young skippers are very friendly and knowledgeable about the city’s monuments and the little stories everybody likes! They do speak English and a couple of other languages.

For those coming to Paris, there is no better cruise to try!

We love: the luxury wood and leather boat with open roof, the nice skippers and the Champagne!

Top tip: bring your sunglasses and enjoy!

Location: Alma Bridge for departure, on appointment only.

The luxury concierge service Unique Paris (www.unique-paris.fr) and the Community website So-Private.com announced on the 1st of October 2011 that they had signed an exclusive partnership so that the members of So-Private network will have a priviledged access to Unique Paris concierge services including a dedicated multilingual and experienced concierge, available 24/7.

Unique Paris is a luxury concierge service born in January 2010 with a philosophy of excellence and proximity, far from the anonymous call centers that constitute the biggest part of the competition in the parisian market.

So-Private.com is the first private community site focused on nightlife and clubbing. A mix between Facebook and ASMALLWORLD for an international community of high profile individuals.

Setting up account on the network So-Private.com can be done in two ways:
- By sponsoring a member
- By suggesting your profile to community (validation or not by moderator).
Its initial start was in PARIS, but developing its international status it has access to all the world capitals of the night: Dubai, Miami, New York, LA, London, Berlin, Barcelona etc.

So-Private.com offer like its predecessor profile and fan pages, but will go beyond and stand out by its use of 2.0 and later 3.0 web technologies. Forum Video Chat, TV, Radio, event guide and presentation of the venues make it a comprehensive and pioneering platform for worldwide communications.

La Carré des Feuillants is a restaurant we are used to advising to our guests because it corresponds to our vision of Parisian luxury: a simple and chic setting, a great Chef, Alain Durtournier, and each time, fabulous meals. Let me develop a bit more.

The setting is very simple but quite nice, since the four dining-rooms are arranged around a private courtyard. In each room, there are only a few tables for the customers to feel more like guests and enhances this feeling of a quiet dinner in a chic place.

The staff is very professional and helpful, and discreet. We would yet have liked it to be a little more friendly, but anyway, each time we were calling for someone, we didn’t have to wait to get what we wanted, so I guess their priority is not becoming our best friends, is it?

On the other hand, we saw Alain Dutournier shaking hands with some guests… maybe the legendary cordial side of South people!

The food was astonishing. The menu, as for the other greatest restaurants, change every season. We heard a lot about the truffle menus of this winter: truffle broth, or grated on a poularde, or slightly cooked with the foie gras… my mouth is watering! But we tried the seafood: oysters, shrimps… the cooking was excellent and we really enjoyed it. We also had the suckling lamb and the venison, wonderful. The quality of the products is so high that the garniture is useless! For the desserts, we had the delicious mango tarte tatin, but enjoyed even more the pre-dessert, called “chocolat en coque”, on which you put some rum and tea toddy, amazing!

In a word, an excellent dinner, even if, as many said before, the service could be a little more smiling and the setting a bit improved.

We loved: the private courtyard; the quality of the products which makes us say it is really worth every penny!

Top tip: you can organize private events in one of the four dining-rooms.

Location : 14, rue de Castiglione, Paris 1st – 01 42 86 82 82.


Prices: a la carte around 150-220EUR/person ; lunch menu at 58EUR/person ; for the dinner, menus at 150 or 190EUR/person.

The restaurant la Société is part of the group of the Costes Brothers, and is maybe their most successful restaurant. First of all, it is ideally located in front of the Church Saint-Germain des Prés, the place was decorated by Christian Liaigre and allows 120 persons to have their meal quietly, on three floors. Then, from the same idea as the other Costes Restaurants, they made one very trendy in the city centre with a special menu which, as usual, includes dishes for all likings. The result is a great place to go to enjoy a nice meal in a beautiful place, in the centre of the trendy Paris.

Contrary to the other Costes Restaurants we went to, the staff is still made of models (!) but they are very nice and helpful! This is a good point in such a district which is not famous for the kindness of its restaurants’ service. The service of la Société is nearly perfect.

The space in itself is very beautiful. The famous designer Christian Liaigre created a lounge ambiance on three levels to enhance the coziness of the place and the feeling of being quietly in some kind of a select palace.

At the Costes Brothers Restaurants, the menus are more or less the same, based on the fact that everyone has to find something to eat according to his tastes. Here again it is the case, but the quality of the products has a bit increased to justify the prices, and there is some kind of more inventiveness in the cuisine of Didier Coly and Thomas Moucel, the Chefs. For example, as starters, we chose the lobster salad, quite refreshing and some smoked salmon, and ate then the sea bass tartare (raw fish) and the Chateaubriand with béarnaise sauce. And for the desserts, we had the berries triffle (we heard that even Pierre Hermé loved it!). The advantage is this international and modern cuisine may please everybody.

So, even if the bill can be a bit expensive, la Société is really worth going to enjoy a quite good dinner in a fantastic place, in a trendy ambiance you would have found in Saint-Germain forty years ago.

We loved: the place in itself, the large space.

Top tip: the very impressive live jazz performances, every night.

Location : 4 place Saint-Germain des Prés, Paris 6th – 01 53 63 60 60.


Prices : a la carte around 60-80EUR/person.

This fabulous restaurant opened less than one year ago and is already fully booked for the next months… But it is normal since its Chef, Jean-François Piège, who worked with Alain Ducasse and at the Crillon 3* restaurant, is one of the most talented ones today.

This restaurant is the achievement of years of hardworking, and it is really worth trying it.

On entering the restaurant, you feel like being invited by the Chef himself since the decoration by Indira Madhavi is cosy, quiet and comfortable. There are only ten tables, the ambiance is thus like in a boudoir! The welcoming is very smiling: for sure, we’re going to have a good time.

The menu is made like the rules of a game, so to play by the rules, you have to choose one, two or three main ingredients between: noix de Saint-Jacques, lobster, coley, beef and poularde. Then, just let the Chef do! When the plates arrive, there are “mignardises” as starters, then the plates (1, 2 or 3 depending on the menu you chose and the number of ingredients), cheese and a dessert. It was exceptional, really! This is French cuisine! Don’t go there if you are looking for creativity, because Jean-François Piège gives again to his fabulous ingredients all their savors and their tastes. His French cuisine is excellent, and I hadn’t eaten this way for years! The main ingredient is simply accommodated, but here again, simple is the best way to enhance all the tastes of what is in the plate. We won’t tell you everything, otherwise, the surprise created by the “rules” won’t be full… But know that the cheese is marvelous, it is Vieux Comté, which is nearly melting in your mouth… And the bread you can eat with it is freshly baked and very tasty too. Finally, the dessert: a false apple pie presented like a dome made of crunchy apple, is filled with vanilla ice-cream…

In a word: go there! This restaurant is the idea of luxury one can have: a welcoming which is worth the one of a palace, the French cuisine which leads you to Heaven, a Chef who welcomes you “at home”… Don’t miss it!

We loved: the ambiance made by the soft colors and the few tables.

Top tip: the “surprise menu!”

Location: 79 rue Saint-Dominique, Paris 7th – 01 47 05 79 79.


Prices : menu at 75/90/115EUR/person, depending on the number of main ingredients you choose (1/2/3).

The Relais Louis XIII is a very famous restaurant because of its location, in front of l’île de la Cité (where you can see Notre-Dame), but mainly because of its chef, Manuel Martinez, the “craftsman of French Gastronomy”.

What you have to know is he was twice awarded the 2* Michelin for the Relais Louis XIII, in 1985 and in 2001, because he worked at La Tour d’Argent between 1987 and 1996.

The restaurant is set in the place where Louis XIII was proclaimed King of France, this is the reason why it is a period decoration: old stones, wooden beams, with portraits of Louis XIII and Marie de Medicis, and even the antique chairs! But don’t worry, the food is fresh!

The service is quite nice, and even if the staff could be a little more friendly, they are very professional and quick. The sommelier was great, he helped us finding the perfect wine for what we had chosen, and he is trusty for sure!

The menus let you make a choice in the whole carte, at lunch and for dinner, for a three course meal. For the starter, we had the foie gras ravioli, very tasty, and the portion was generous enough to make us wait for the main plate! We then had a sea bass perfectly cooked and the Pan-roasted sweetbreads with, delicious if you like them. And then, for the desserts, the millefeuille was astonishing, and so was the mango and avocado tart, even if this association seems to be weird!

It is definitely a great restaurant to go to if you want to try a 2* Michelin which provides very classical French food in generous portions, in a special place to make you travel through time!

We loved: the setting, the exact image one can have of the French Monarchy.

Top tip: the lunch menu!!

Location: 8 rue des Grands-Augustins, Paris 6th – 01 43 26 75 96.

Prices: 3-course meal is 50EUR/person at lunch, 80EUR/person for the dinner (wine excluded). “Degustation menu” at 125EUR/person.

La Maison Blanche is a famous restaurant because it is set on the roof of the Théâtre des Champs Elysées. You thus have a wonderful view on the West side of Paris while you have dinner on one of its most beautiful avenues: avenue Montaigne.

As the theatre was built at the beginning of the 20th C, it is quite fragile nowadays, and what could be a drawback comes out to be an advantage: the restaurant has thus been built like a suspended bridge. This gives its guests a feeling of freedom which is incredible! It is also wonderful to see it, nearly floating on the buildings of the Avenue Montaigne…

The restaurant in itself has an excellent reputation. First of all, the welcoming is nice, not overwhelming; the discretion seems to be the word to define the staff. Maybe they could sometimes be a little more friendly, but their explanations are quite clear, and if you need something, they will come within a minute. We ask for a service, not for friends, so it is all right!

On the other hand, they are very helpful with the menu, and explained us for example that what is the most important for the Chefs is mixing the savors to delight all our senses. This is why all the dishes mix sweetness/sourness, softness/crunchiness and the colors. The reason of this is the Chefs are twins and always try to be complementary through different ways, especially in the cuisine. They are thus playing on contrasts and affinities.

Their cuisine is very refreshing, because made of organic products most of the time, and their inspiration comes from the South of France. There is a lot of choice, for example, you can choose as a starter the truffles, the chanterelles, or a burrata, foie gras… Everything is very tasty and looks beautiful. The fishes and meat are worth being tried because they are very well cooked and delicious; we tried the roasted burbot and the veal filet mignon. If you are still hungry, try to have a dessert such as the Vacherin à la fraise or the cheesecake which we found amazing.

It is definitely a nice place to go, for a romantic dinner above the Eiffel Tower, or for a business dinner. The wonderful view will make you forget the rest!

We loved: the cuisine, very tasty; not having to wait too long before getting the plates.

Top tip: the view, astonishing! Try to go there at lunch, the menus are quite affordable.

Location: 15 avenue Montaigne, Paris 8th – 01 47 23 55 99


Prices: at lunch, menu at 48/58EUR/person, menu “gourmet” for 69EUR/person and menu “degustation” for 110EUR/person.

Ideally located in the Golden Triangle, very close to the Champs-Elysées and next to Christie’s Auction House, the restaurant Le Market is held by the famous chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Jean-Georges is French but spent nearly 30 years in the US where he has 4 starred-restaurants, this is the reason why his French cuisine isn’t traditional at all, but looks more like “fusion food”.

On entering the Market, we were amazed on how the space is well decorated and especially wide and open, with dark wood, and a lot of raw and natural materials, designed by Christian Liagre. This setting enhances a trendy and design – but warm and relaxing too – atmosphere.

There are a lot of tables, but even if they are a bit close from each other, you don’t feel like being oppressed by your neighbors.
The service is young and charming, they all speak a perfect English and will be pleased to help you with the menu if needed, because the carte changes nearly every day depending on what the chef found at the market every morning (you thus have the explanation of the restaurant’s name!)

When we had lunch there, the dishes were brought very promptly even if the restaurant was nearly full. This is very important, especially if you are going on a business lunch or dinner.

Concerning the food itself, we were amazed. The carte mixes French, Asiatic and Italian influences, and it is a real success! We had watermelon gazpacho with tempura shrimps and tuna maki as the appetizers, lovely presented and very refreshing; we tried then the truffle pizza which was amazing and delicious. We tried the cabillaud fish with gnocchi and pesto for the main plate, along with the parmesan crusted chicken. We enjoyed a lot the cabillaud because the cooking was excellent, but to my mind, the chicken plate wasn’t generous enough. We were finally more than delighted by the desserts: a caramel ice cream with toffee popcorn, a cheesecake, and a Grand Marnier soufflé. These desserts were inspired and revisited by American and French basic recipes, and it was wonderful. Definitely the best part of the meal!

We loved: the ambiance and the kindness of the staff!

Top tip: eating in a restaurant with a very famous chef to affordable prices if you consider the quality of the cuisine and the location; the modernity of the place and of the cuisine.

Location: 15 avenue Matignon, Paris 8th – 01 56 43 40 90


Prices: a la carte around 70-100EUR, lunch menu 34-43EUR/person, dinner menu 55-85EUR/person.


La Cordonnerie


If you plan to go to Paris and want to have a quick lunch very close to the Louvre, don’t hesitate to go to La Cordonnerie. It is a very small restaurant which provides French classical cuisine in a two-room 17th C. place which could be your house. Hugo, the chef, cooks right in front of you in the kitchen his traditional dishes in one room, and in the other one, you can take place among the other customers, regulars or tourists. The ambiance is joyful; going there is a very good place to charge your batteries!

The cuisine is quite nice, the menu doesn’t offer a lot of choice, but you can be sure that everything on the carte will be simple but tasty. No fusion food here, just the most classical French dishes, well prepared and accommodated.
The products are fresh (you can see that if your table is in the “kitchen” of Hugo) and the plates are very generous. For the starters, you will have the choice between terroir products: duck terrine, andouille, foie gras; the main plate consists in excellent meat, very well cooked: beaf, veal, lamb or andouillette, accommodated with French fries or vegetables, and I strongly advise you to try the chocolate cake for desserts, one of my favorites, definitely!

To sum up, a very nice place to have a good lunch on the go. Try it with your friends!

We loved: the warm welcoming of Hugo, his helpfulness on advising or explaining the dishes and the fact that the food is brought out promptly.

Top tip: the setting, in a very tiny 17th C. place and its location, a few blocks away from the Louvre, the Tuileries Gardens and the Concorde.

Location: 20 rue Saint-Roch, Paris 1st – 01 42 60 17 42

Prices: 20 – 30EUR/person a la carte.

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